The hottest natural gas pipeline leakage in Ma'ans

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Ma'anshan natural gas pipeline leakage triggered a fire at about 13:40 on the 5th, a natural gas pipeline leakage accident occurred at the north gate of Anmin farmers' market, Yushan West Road, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province, and caused a fire. The flame sprayed more than 10 meters high and scorched the 10000 volt high-voltage lines above. Ma'anshan fire department evacuated and transferred thousands of people nearby while eliminating the danger

according to Zhang Wenzheng of Ma'anshan fire brigade, the diameter of the leaked natural gas pipeline is 200mm, and the leakage volume per minute exceeds 6 cubic meters. "The on-site flame is accompanied by the harsh first rapid transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. The waterproof material relies on building materials to block the passage of water and promote the comprehensive revitalization of independent brands. It sprays more than 10 meters up and severely roasts a high-voltage pole five meters away. We laid three water guns to cool the high-voltage pole to prevent it from deforming or collapsing due to high temperature."

the special service squadron of Ma'anshan Fire detachment dispatched 6 fire engines and more than 40 officers and soldiers to guard the surrounding 50 meters, evacuate and transfer thousands of people nearby, and inform the power supply department to close the high-voltage lines in the area. At present, the open fire has been completely extinguished. After more than 20 minutes of joint disposal by local fire control, gas, power supply and other departments, the danger has been eliminated

it is understood that due to the high temperature of plastic, the surrounding area of the leaking pipeline has been excavated not long ago, and the local gas Department has also erected warning signs. At present, the cause of the fire caused by the leakage is still under investigation, and the gas consumption of surrounding residents has been affected, and the relevant departments are rushing to repair the pipeline

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