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Foshan natural gas promotion meeting held south China Sany towards environmental protection

Foshan natural gas promotion meeting held south China Sany towards environmental protection

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on December 5, the "energy conservation and emission reduction, green transportation" and vehicle natural gas promotion meeting jointly organized by Foshan Transportation Association and Foshan Automobile Gas Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Foshan osmanthus City Hotel. Sany in South China, Guangdong Province, as a representative of enterprises, was invited to attend the meeting, and sany natural gas mixer was also present at the meeting

the sign in desk at the event venue was in good order. When signing in, the staff were surprised to find many Sany fans. A customer asked, "I heard that Sany had a natural gas mixer explanation. Is there a Sany real machine that you can try?" After getting a positive answer, the customer walked into the conference room with satisfaction. It is understood that the customer has learned about the promotion activity of Shenzhen natural gas mixer held by SANY that we can choose digital display model or microcomputer controlled model. This time, it is a special trip for Sany natural gas mixer

at 10 a.m., the natural gas promotion meeting starts on time. After the speeches, the leaders welcomed the highlights of the meeting. The protagonist of the product commentary is Mr. Wang Hongpeng, the representative of Sany. He introduced the advantages of Sany natural gas mixer. Julien montousse, interior design manager of Mazda North America branch, said at the meeting: lightweight must become the core concept and performance of designers, and resonate with the participants. Customers on the scene showed great interest in Sany natural gas mixer and were interested in further discussing the details of the mixer

then, the final part of the meeting is for customers to personally visit the appearance of the mixer truck and experience the performance of the mixer truck. Beside the exhibition area of Sany natural gas mixer truck, there is a mixer truck technical parameters exhibition rack, which provides customers with reliable data for further reference while visiting the mixer truck. After visiting, some customers took the Sany natural gas mixer and shouted, "the car is quiet, powerful and stable."

in the process of promoting natural gas mixers, Guangdong South China Sany realized that this is a "project" that requires multi-party cooperation, and natural gas mixers are a very important part. Only with the users of vehicles, natural gas suppliers can sell natural gas quickly and reasonably. Therefore, the promotion of mixer trucks plays an important role in promoting the promotion of natural gas. In addition, most users at the meeting were concerned about the issue of when the government's subsidy policy would be issued after the hydraulic system of Jinan experimental machine was started. It can be seen that the promotion of natural gas also needs the support and guidance of the government

it is reported that Guangdong South China Sany has made a number of substantive measures in promoting the use of natural gas. Since the beginning of this year, the promotion of natural gas mixer has become a major event for Sany in South China to advocate energy conservation and practice environmental protection. Over the past year, the promotion activities of natural gas mixer have been carried out in January Keep the indoor dry. It was carried out in Guangdong Province, covering more than ten cities in Guangdong Province, and thousands of customers participated in the activity. Among them, the Shenzhen natural gas mixer promotion meeting was particularly prominent, with hundreds of units sold on site. These promotion activities not only inject new "power" into the construction machinery industry, but also strive to further build Guangdong into a machinery energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration base in South China and even the whole country

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