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The price of natural gas will be raised in the future. At the media meeting of PetroChina's 2009 performance roadshow in Shenzhen, PetroChina finance director zhoumingchun revealed that in view of the problem that the price of imported natural gas in Central Asia is higher than that in China, the new natural gas price mechanism will solve this price difference and adopt the weighted average method

Su Shulin, chairman of Sinopec, told this newspaper at yesterday's Hong Kong performance meeting that the relevant parties are still investigating several issues of concern to the outside world involving natural gas price reform

sensitive issues of price reform are still under investigation

"the new price mechanism should have been introduced on April 1 this year, but it was postponed for various reasons and is expected to be introduced soon." Zhou Mingchun said that in order to reduce the impact of a large number of high priced gas imports on the domestic market, the price of new natural gas will be weighted by the price of gas imports plus domestic gas, and a market-oriented mechanism that can reflect the supply and demand of the natural gas market and the scarcity of resources will be established

"the relevant government departments are studying the reform of natural gas prices. Among them, several issues related to external concerns are still under investigation. Airbus A350 XWB is the first Airbus model with more than 50% of such composite plates." Su Shulin, chairman of Sinopec, told this newspaper yesterday

just last week, Jiang Jiemin, chairman of PetroChina, told this newspaper that because the current domestic natural gas price is only about one-third of the international average level, and the prices of various gas fields are inconsistent, and the market prices of various destinations are not standardized, the domestic natural gas prices should be reformed and adjusted, "this step will be taken this year in one year"

domestic gas prices will rise in the future

in January this year, according to relevant information, a unified gate station price will be implemented in different provinces, and the upper limit price of the comprehensive gate station will be determined by the weighted average of the gas price of stock gas (2009) and incremental gas (new consumption after 2010) in each province. The stock gas and incremental gas also undergo a weighted average respectively. That is what the industry calls "triple weighted average"

among them, the stock gas price is determined based on the weighted average of the ex factory price of natural gas and pipeline freight rate of each oil and gas field used in each province. The incremental gas price is determined based on the weighted average of the factory price of domestic new gas (1.17 yuan/cubic meter) and the CIF price of imported gas, plus the pipeline freight rate

insiders believe that the idea of determining the weighted average has not changed, which means that the natural gas price is in line with international standards, and the domestic gas price will rise in the future. "If the price of natural gas is raised after the price reform, it will definitely have a positive impact on listed companies." Su Shulin said yesterday

the gas transmission price from Sichuan to East has risen

it is worth noting that it is important to avoid the invasion of water or impurities "With the help of Internet +, the natural gas price of the Sichuan East gas transmission project, which was announced to be put into operation yesterday, has risen significantly compared with the previous west east gas transmission price.

Wang Zhigang, senior vice president of Sinopec, said at yesterday's performance meeting that the price of the Sichuan East gas transmission project is 1.28 yuan/cubic meter approved by the national development and Reform Commission, which can fluctuate by 10% up and down, and the pipeline transmission fee of the whole pipeline is 0.55 yuan/cubic meter. At present, Sinopec is based on the upward floating price along the line Sales, 1.408 yuan/cubic meter

this price is 100% higher than the current "West Gas" price

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