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The natural gas pricing mechanism is expected to promote the transition plan

on the 23rd, Jiang Neng, chairman of PetroChina, brought his own information. Jie Min said on the gap of the shareholders' meeting that there may be transitional policies before the full introduction of the natural gas market-oriented pricing mechanism, so as to give the public and relevant enterprises time to adapt and adjust. He also said that the third west east gas pipeline project will be opened to private capital, and further information will be announced soon

Jiang Jiemin said that there is a large gap between China's existing natural gas prices and international natural gas prices. If the new mechanism is implemented in one step, the price adjustment range is too large, which is difficult for relevant enterprises and consumers to digest and accept in a short time. Although the state has accepted the idea of PetroChina to expand the market-oriented pricing mechanism of natural gas to other provinces and cities, considering the public's acceptance, it is expected that there will be a transitional mechanism before the full realization of the market-oriented pricing mechanism of natural gas, "give everyone a time to adapt and adjust, and the relevant departments of the state will launch it according to the specific circumstances under the influence of strong policies"

as for the regions where the market-oriented pricing mechanism of natural gas will continue to be launched, Jiang Jiemin said that it needs the country to decide. However, PetroChina will implement a new natural gas pricing mechanism in some new regions and fields, and where pilot conditions are temporarily available. As for the full implementation of the new pricing mechanism, further demonstration is needed

on December 26 last year, Guangdong and Guangxi began to reform the price formation mechanism of natural gas, and helped customers realize the pilot of replacing cumbersome processes of spraying and electroplating in the field of utilization. The overall idea of the reform pilot is to adopt the current "cost plus" pricing method, Change to as per "Market net return method pricing, that is, the sales price of natural gas is linked to the price of alternative energy formed by market competition. On this basis, the price of natural gas in all links is determined back after deducting the pipeline transportation fee.

at present, from the pilot prices of Guangdong and Guangxi, the sales price of Guangdong natural gas valve stations that try out the new mechanism is 2.74 yuan/cubic meter, and that of Guangxi is 2.57 yuan/cubic meter. Other domestic companies have not tried it The price of natural valve stations in the region with the new pricing mechanism is 1 Between 3 yuan/cubic meter

Jiang Jiemin also disclosed that the "west east gas transmission" third line project is currently in a relatively decentralized and active preparation process, and its preliminary work is ready. It is expected that the construction of the West third line will be completed in the next two to three years. The construction of the West third line will be fully open to the introduction of strategic investors, "including private capital. If there is no accident, further information will be announced soon."

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