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Liaoning enterprises: implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and take the road of innovation and development in the new era

Abstract: as a gathering place of China's heavy industry, many enterprises in Liaoning focus on problems, promote reform, bravely enter the market for development, promote the overall improvement of quality and efficiency, and explore and practice new ways of enterprise innovation and development in the new era in the process of learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress

winter is near the Great Wall. In the shield workshop of North heavy industry group in Tiexi District of Shenyang, there is a hot production scene. A steel dragon with a length of more than 100 meters and a height of more than 10 meters has a skeleton and its muscles are gradually full. Several foreign businessmen with brown and black faces came to inspect and purchase

as the gathering place of China's heavy industry, many enterprises in Liaoning Province pay close attention to problems, promote reform, bravely enter the market for development, promote the overall improvement of quality and efficiency, and explore and practice new ways of enterprise innovation and development in the new era in the process of learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on precision instruments

gnawing down the "hard bone" of system and mechanism reform

entering the workshop of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, an innovation and entrepreneurship team composed of employees, using i5 intelligent machine tools, received orders from the cloud platform to start a business, with full enthusiasm. Guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said that here, a comprehensive reform with marketization and legalization of debt to equity swap, the introduction of strategic investors, and internal mass entrepreneurship and innovation as the main contents is being vigorously promoted, gnawing down the "hard bone" with heavy burden and high debt ratio, and the industry leader is reborn

with the export of large shield machines overseas and the layout of equipment factories along the "the Belt and Road", the major reform of northern heavy industry with "three companies, one park and two centers" as the main content has accelerated. Su Xuexiang, deputy general manager of northern heavy industry group, introduced that the group structure has changed from "parent subsidiary" to "parent subsidiary", the main business has changed from single manufacturing to equipment integration services, and the advantageous equipment sector has been integrated into three specialized companies, Promote auxiliary industries such as maintenance and support to enter the market, and turn the old burden into a new driving force. "The 19th CPC National Congress made a new conclusion on the main social contradictions in China and proposed to solve the outstanding problem of unbalanced and insufficient development, which is precisely the key issue to be solved in the revitalization of old industrial bases." Su Xuexiang said

Anshan, the capital of steel, with steel splashes. "If you do well, you can get a raise, and if you can't do well, you can't muddle through." Anshan Iron and steel workers said. After experiencing the cold winter test of the industry, Angang Steel insisted on asking for dividends from the reform and promoting the three system reforms, so as to end losses at one stroke and significantly increase profits

equip enterprises with a "perpetual motion machine" for sustainable development.

"innovation is the first driving force to lead development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system." Liaoning enterprise cadres and workers learned from the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and deeply realized that in the face of new changes in the global manufacturing industry, they must seize the opportunity to comprehensively innovate technology, products and business models

"we need to equip enterprises with 'perpetual motion machines'." He Xianwen, Secretary of the Party committee of Shenyang Yuanda Group, said. As a private enterprise with an annual income of more than 10 billion yuan, Yuanda has created a research and development platform for science and technology parks with a new mechanism, boldly took incentive measures, and scientific and technological personnel enjoy up to 70% of the right to benefit. It has quickly gathered more than 500 scientific and technological talents at home and abroad, and has made major breakthroughs in the fields of noise, simulation, ultrasound and other technologies in which the vibration reduction makes the reading between 10% and 90% of the full range. Relying on innovation, Yuanda has maintained an average annual growth rate of about 5% - 10%

the more severe the market is, the more we need to strengthen innovation. Angang Steel has set up 177 employee innovation studios, giving play to the role of labor models and technical experts, with a cumulative effect of 560 million yuan. "We should further build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees." Said Yaolin, general manager of Angang Group

"i5 not only gives domestic machine tools Chinese cores, but also gives workers a future." Gailia, an employee of i5 product line of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, is full of confidence in the future. Relying on the independent core technology of i5, the enterprise has climbed the upgrading level of intelligent manufacturing, such as intelligent machine tools, intelligent factories, intelligent manufacturing valleys, and intelligent industrial clouds. Intelligent manufacturing Valley, which integrates productivity leasing, cloud services, remanufacturing and other functions, has taken root and blossomed everywhere, opening up a new path of manufacturing transformation, and i5 orders have exceeded 18000 units

take advantage of the "the Belt and Road" to bravely enter the international market

climb over ridges and rolling stones. The enterprises in the old industrial base are facing new challenges from big to strong. Under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, Liaoning enterprises are driven by two wheels, taking reform and innovation measures simultaneously, and focusing on both domestic and foreign markets

Yang Yi, overseas marketing director of North heavy industry group, told that since this year, enterprises have received large overseas orders for mining equipment, cement and building materials. "We not only help overseas customers establish local chemical plants, but also provide operation services, rapidly expanding the overseas market."

last year, the longest suspension bridge project in the United States in New York City was strictly selected layer by layer, using 15000 tons of Angang bridge steel, which attracted the attention of the industry. Since the beginning of this year, the bridge steel, pipeline steel and nuclear power steel developed by Angang have entered the overseas market in an all-round way

the client of zhongping'an Jiaying No. 1 is actually the controlling shareholder of Xinda new material. Pingmei Shenma petroleum Liaohe Oilfield Branch has also gone abroad in various ways to find new markets in Central Asia, North Africa and other places

"the general trend is clearer and clearer, and the prospect is better and better." He Xianwen said, "we should strive to develop high-tech industries, participate in the 'the Belt and Road' and develop intelligent agricultural equipment..." he used several "desperate" to show the future blue. The key is that the precision loading speed should meet the requirements of the new standard. Three years later, the proportion of international revenue of enterprises should be increased from 40% to 80%

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