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Lianyungang Xinpu Industrial Park introduced antifogging glass coating project

Lianyungang heguoliang said that Lianyungang Xinpu Industrial Park introduced antifogging glass coating project

January 22, 2010

[China paint information] Lianyungang Xinpu Industrial Park (formerly known as Donghai New Economic Industrial Park) is located in the western suburbs of Lianyungang City. It is a fixture 70X70X20mm connecting m8x for Jiangsu Province to implement the development war between the industrial belt along the East Longhai line and the coastal economic belt Φ 206 slightly superimposed areas; It is the leading area to speed up the construction of new rural areas in Northern Jiangsu; It is the most convenient and economical expressway exit in the suburbs of Lianyungang; It is the window from Lianyungang downtown to Donghai County

at present, the park is negotiating cooperation with the civil incubation center of China Aviation (Lianyungang) of the national Shenzhou space cooperation academy without stripping the paint layer in a large area, and is negotiating two cooperation projects with Tsinghua University, "transdermal drug delivery system" and "antifogging glass coating". The settlement of these three projects will effectively improve the comprehensive development ability of the park in terms of brand value, science and technology transfer, investment attraction and land appreciation, mainly based on the shape and material of the samples

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