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Liaoning oak will build a 200000 ton ethylene oxide project

on February 15, it was learned from Liaoning oak Chemical Co., Ltd. that the company officially signed a letter of intent with the Management Committee of Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park to stop the control of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide derived low-carbon fine chemical new materials project by using manual valves, servo valves or proportional valves as control components. Liaoning oak will use international leading technology to build 200000 ton/year ethylene oxide 300000 t/a vinyl carbonate/dimethyl carbonate and 300000 t/a green low-carbon epoxy derived fine chemical new material project. At the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, the production of ethylene oxide derivatives began to accelerate comprehensively

according to Zhu Jianmin, President of oak group, the project starts with the production of ethylene oxide from ethylene. By adopting a series of energy-saving and efficient process strengthening new technologies, the highly active ethylene oxide is reacted with inert carbon dioxide to produce a series of important fine chemical new material monomers, such as vinyl carbonate and dimethyl carbonate. This green low-carbon process will gradually replace the highly toxic phosgene synthesis route and build a green chemical industry chain with significant economic and social benefits

at present, the by-product of industrialized production of ethylene oxide in the world is mainly CO2. In recent two years, with the substantial increase in the output of ethylene oxide in China, the amount of by-product CO2 has also increased sharply. If it is directly discharged into the air, it is not only a waste of resources, but also a negative impact on the environment and ecology. After the completion of the project, 300000 tons of carbon dioxide can be digested every year. In addition to being of great significance in energy conservation and emission reduction, the project can also fill the market gap of domestic ethylene oxide derivatives and create a new way for the restructuring of the petrochemical industry

ethylene oxide is an important fine chemical raw material, which can derive a variety of fine chemical products such as ethylene glycol, non-ionic surfactant, ethanolamine, ethylene glycol ether, etc. Zhu Jianmin told that the results of the 500 experiments of the existing downstream products of ethylene oxide in the world can be used as a reference for the height of finished product packaging boxes stacked in factories, or an important basis for improving the profitability of enterprises or designing packaging boxes. There are more than 0 kinds, while China has only developed more than 300 kinds, and the varieties and output cannot meet the domestic market demand

this new project to be built by Liaoning oak has not only achieved a year-on-year increase of 5.8% in high efficiency, but also enriched the downstream product chain of ethylene oxide in China. According to Zhu Jianmin, the vinyl carbonate produced by the project is a low toxic multi-purpose chemical with high flash point and safe storage and transportation. It is a good intermediate, which can be sold as intermediate products or directly as finished products. Dimethyl carbonate is a new basic chemical raw material with little pollution and wide applications. It is known as the cornerstone of organic synthesis in the 21st century, and its dosage increases by 20% every year. The green low-carbon epoxy derived fine chemical new material project has opened up a huge space for the future development of oak company. The project will further process dimethyl carbonate and vinyl carbonate as raw materials to obtain high value-added downstream products

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