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Liaoning KZ flexible electrical conduit manufacturer

Liaoning KZ flexible electrical conduit manufacturer

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Liaoning KZ flexible electrical conduit manufacturer. [xintaiyuan] metal threading pipe factory mainly produces intimate products: all kinds of hoses, P3 type metal hoses, PVC plastic coated hoses, plastic coated hoses, stainless steel hoses, metal hoses, hose connectors, threading pipes, metal threading pipes, circuit conduits, outdoor fire-proof threading pipes, waterproof threading pipes, etc

the advantages of flexible metal wire protective sleeve compared with traditional electrical protective tube include:

① green environmental protection, energy saving and material saving, and the steel consumption is only 1/3 of that of traditional metal tube

② the inner wall is smooth, and there will be no burrs in the product itself and in the connection process, so threading is convenient and safe; ③ Reduce the difficulty and intensity of construction, effectively guarantee the project cycle, reduce the construction operation surface, reduce the investment cost, reduce the maintenance cost, reduce the purchase price by 30% and the labor cost by more than 40% compared with the welded steel pipe; ④ Double anti-corrosion, long service life

⑤ roll packaging, cut as you use, and the material utilization rate is up to 98%

⑥ when the pipes are used cross, the floor strength can be protected

⑦ it has telescopic performance to protect the safety of lines in the pipe to the greatest extent

detection of metal pipelines

when conditions permit, the direct method should be used as far as possible, and the induction method should be used to detect the pipe sections that do not have the direct method. For metal pipelines with shallow buried depth, such as gas pipelines, the method of continuous tracking detection can be adopted. Starting from a known obvious point, the trend of the pipeline can be tracked and detected step by step, especially at the intersection of pipelines, elbows, tees, crosses and other characteristic points, which should be positioned and deepened to ensure the correct connection relationship of pipelines. The investment amount of the pipeline project is 4.98 billion yuan (monetary unit: the maximum value method is generally used for RMB positioning, and the 70% method is generally used for depth determination. If the interference on one side is large at 70% depth determination, the half value of the large interference should be eliminated, and the "heart" of new energy vehicles with no or small interference should be taken Multiply the half value of Chinalco Luoyang copper material by 2 as the sounding value

power and telecom cable detection

when detecting power and telecom cable pipelines, it is applicable to the clamp method. When the clamp method is used for detection, signals are applied on both sides of the pipe block for positioning and depth determination, and necessary corrections are made according to the cables at both ends. The corrected middle position and the median buried depth are taken as the positioning and depth determination results. When the pipeline arc is bent, the pipeline points shall be measured according to the actual situation in the principle of ensuring that the bending characteristics of the pipeline can be reflected and the line shape is basically smooth

detection of complex pipelines and non-metallic pipelines

for the complex situation of dense and overlapping interference of underground pipelines, a combination of various methods should be adopted according to the site conditions, pipeline materials, pipe diameters and the characteristics of surrounding media, and the detection principle of "from easy to difficult, from known to unknown, from peripheral to local" should be followed. Make full use of the known available information, and try to use direct method and clamp method, because these two methods are subject to small external interference, and the detection results are easy to obtain, accurate and reliable. If there is interference information, it is necessary to find out the cause and its impact on the accuracy and make necessary corrections. After the determination of various pipelines, the line pressing method should be used to change the frequency, increase the output power and improve the signal-to-noise ratio from the positive and negative directions and branch lines, so as to determine the plane position and buried depth of the target pipeline. For sections with drilling and excavation conditions, drilling and excavation verification shall be carried out to ensure the reliability of the detection results. For complex pipelines and non-metallic pipelines with large buried depth, if the electromagnetic method cannot solve it, the electromagnetic wave method (Geological thunder and then remove the pressure of the hydraulic system) should be used to locate and determine the depth

metal hose (explosion-proof pipe) from the perspective of structure, the culture material of metal bellows includes strip and pipe, both of which can form annular bellows and spiral bellows. Just because the corrugated pipe formed by strip always has a certain length of brazed or fusion welded buckles and joints, these places often accumulate the residue of the working medium, and deposit the cleaning experiment and the mechanical impurities in the working medium to pollute the inner cavity. Therefore, its application reliability is relatively poor. The annular corrugated pipe is a special kind of pipe with several circular diaphragms, the outer edge of which is tangent to several concave centripetal semicircular rings, and the inner edge is tangent to several concave vest semicircular rings. Its blank is mainly made of pipes. This kind of bellows has the characteristics of large flexibility, good elasticity, simple manufacture and small rigidity. It is suitable for making large and medium diameter metal hoses that accept general working pressure and have high requirements for flexibility. Spiral corrugated pipe is a special kind of pipe with a certain length, whose outer edge is tangent to the centripetal semicircular ring of the spring-shaped concave surface, and whose inner edge is tangent to the semicircular ring of the spring-shaped concave vest. This kind of bellows has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, simple manufacture, etc. it is suitable for making metal hoses (explosion-proof pipes) with high, medium pressure, medium and small diameters with general flexibility requirements and high strength requirements

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