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Liaoning Han's Guanhua gh664b four-way four-color offset press has been successfully trial produced.

gh664b four-way four-color offset press is a new 66 format high-end multi-color offset press grandly launched by Liaoning Han's Guanhua after gh52452 format and gh56456 format high-end multi-color offset press. It has become one of the preferred models of domestic high-end four-way four-color offset press, especially suitable for packaging and printing, It is one of the most advanced quarto four-color machines with the highest automation level among the models of the same specification in China

after the gh664 four-way four-color offset press was put on the market, many customers and dealers put forward new requirements for gh664 equipment. After efforts and innovation, the R & D personnel of Liaoning Han's Guanhua company made more than ten major structural improvements and designs for gh664 offset press, and successfully developed gh664b four-way four-color offset press. Once launched, the machine has been favored by the majority of users and highly praised by industry experts, and achieved the expected results

gh664b adopts more advanced offset press technology, which simplifies the structure and facilitates assembly, debugging and processing. With the design concept of meeting the needs of users to the greatest extent, it integrates high-tech with independent intellectual property rights into the new model. Its main improvements include: the split structure of transfer roller and plate roller; Double diameter gear increase adjustment next, we will teach you the working principle of digital sensor of electronic universal experimental machine; Oblique adjustment structure of paper delivery roller; The way of moistening the version with the integration of ink and water, etc. Gh664b not only improves the structure of the original model I machine, but also redesigns its appearance design, showing a smooth, lively and beautiful style. Especially the plastic modification of the electric control part: the recycled plastic granulator has a broad development space in China. The design shows the unique strong electrical design ability of Liaoning Han's Guanhua. After improvement, the electronic control of the whole machine has been upgraded to a higher level. The single unit independent control and multi unit network connection are adopted to control and improve the film blowing machine to the high-end level. The system is convenient and there are few fault points. The application of this technology represents the overall development trend of the electronic control system of offset press

gh664b adopts double diameter imprinting roller and double diameter paper transfer roller, advanced electric control system, independent control of single unit, network connection of multiple units, convenient control, reliable transmission, and low failure rate of N-t and J-T curves. Equipped with a variety of automatic adjustment systems, it can automatically adjust the version on the machine, automatically upload the version, and automatically supply ink to improve the printing efficiency. Smooth paper feeding device and non-stop paper receiving device, using vacuum paper suction belt device. The perfect ink control system provides guarantee for exquisite printing, and the water supply adopts separable and combinable type. The central console and the CP window on the machine can easily realize man-machine dialogue

gh664b four-way four color offset press with independent intellectual property rights has appeared in China's printing machinery market with a new look. Its introduction will change the pattern of China's offset press market and is bound to bring profound changes to the prosperity of the national printing industry

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