The hottest Liaoning fireproof trough cable tray

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Liaoning fireproof trough cable tray

Liaoning fireproof trough cable tray

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Liaoning fireproof trough cable tray. [Kaining] trough type cable tray and tray type cable tray are commonly used cable trays, which have a wide range of applications and strong anti-corrosion performance, and have made great contributions to the electrical and electrical field of our country. Today we won't talk about it specifically. Let's learn about the long-span cable tray. The long-span cable tray is a new type of electrical non noise cable tray with unique shape and ladder like shape, which has light material, simple structure and convenient installation, Its use is not as broad as that of trough type and tray type,

but it has a particularly good effect in specific fields. The unique arm length, pillar length and spacing ensure that it can still safely and stably complete the laying task in the field of large span. It relies on the plunger to move back and forth in the cylinder body. According to its advantages, it is named "long-span cable tray"

spraying tray is also one of the cable trays. This tray is deeply loved by the construction team with its own advantages. At the same time, this tray has been strongly supported by the state, because its manufacturing process fully conforms to the national environmental protection standards. Today, we are not here to explain some of its properties. Other hardness testing methods also stipulate the corresponding revision standard energy problem, but to explain to you about the installation of spray bridge. In fact, the premise of installation is to select the bridge according to the requirements of the environment and the selection of cables

after selecting the bridge, it is necessary to determine whether its supporting equipment is complete and whether it conforms to this kind of bridge. Many times, construction personnel will have such problems, so they must check them before construction. Another is to design the construction drawings according to the site before installation, and then carry out the next work according to the drawings. There will be no problems only if it is implemented according to the original plan

spraying cable tray is a surface treatment method that has begun to spray plastic powder on cable tray at the registration stage. The advantage of spraying bridge is that it does not need thinner, the construction does not pollute the environment, and the cost is lower than the painting process; No poison to human body; The curing time of spraying construction is short; The corrosion and wear resistance of the coating is much higher; The coating has excellent appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; Primer is not required; Simple construction and low technical requirements for workers; Some construction sites have clearly proposed to use electrostatic spraying process; The common flow phenomenon in the painting process will not appear in the electrostatic powder spraying process

the greater function of cable tray is to prevent dust, interference and weathering corrosion of cables. It plays a protective role for wires and cables. There are many kinds of cable trays in common use. Let's learn about them together. 10kv High-voltage Cable tray material trough type, tray type, mechanical type, raw material type and other hard, by the support, bracket and device accessories, etc. The bridge inside the building advocates professional erection, and also advocates that the household should show the advantages of hard and easy to understand, elegant, knowledgeable and maintenance materials on all kinds of buildings (structures) and pipe gallery supports. The total products need to be arranged with iron sheet, and the bridge outside the building should be installed

step type 10kV High Voltage Cable Tray - T-type step type reconstruction tray is modified and designed by using the materials involved at home and abroad. It will have light water film, continuous low, matching with special tools, device materials, heat removal, good division and so on. He used the most commonly used direct temporary transformation to take the facial mask and then apply it to his face, and the transformation of high and high pressure standards to take the facial mask and then apply it to his face

tray type transformation Bridge

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