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Liaoning port has taken measures to actively respond to the EU reach system

in response to the EU chemical registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction system (i.e. reach regulation), the dangerous goods safety inspection center of Liaoning entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau has actively taken measures to strengthen the identification and management of the use of export dangerous goods packaging. To ensure the smooth export of such products

while carefully studying the EU REACH regulations and studying the "evaluation and analysis of the new EU chemicals policy", they have increased the publicity of EU reach to the chemical dangerous goods production enterprises in the province; Strengthen the construction of laboratories for dangerous chemicals

at present, the center has registered 57 chemical hazard researchers and dangerous goods production enterprises in the province, preliminarily mastered more than 150 kinds of chemical hazardous goods exported to the European Union and other countries in the province, and tested the characteristics of 8 hazardous chemicals such as trichloroethylene, ammonium perchlorate, modulus of elasticity and maximum experimental force, which improved the enterprises' awareness of the relevant testing of chemical registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction systems, Prepare for the implementation of the EU reach system

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