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Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry investment fund came to the front stage

Li Zhanfang, Industry Department of the development research center of the provincial government, believes that the second work of the "several opinions on further implementing the Revitalization Strategy of old industrial bases such as the northeast region" (hereinafter referred to as "several opinions") particularly emphasizes the important position of independent innovation in the revitalization of the northeast, In particular, it highlighted the key breakthroughs in a number of core technologies and key common technologies, and accelerated the establishment of equipment manufacturing industry investment funds. In the future, scientific and technological innovation will lead the revitalization of old industrial bases

core and common technology research adds momentum

"there is a certain internal relationship between core technology, key common technology and industrial investment funds." As for why the "several opinions" particularly emphasizes the position of core and generic technologies in scientific and technological innovation, Li Zhanfang explained that core technologies are mainly aimed at products or enterprises. The core competitiveness of an enterprise depends on its core products, and the key of core products lies in its core technology. The lack of core technology directly limits the competitiveness of enterprises in the high-end market and is the bottleneck that hinders enterprises from becoming bigger and stronger. In a sense, it is on the basis of common technology that enterprises form their own core technology through further commercial development. Especially when the technology that constitutes a rigid framework enterprise develops to the cutting-edge or high-end, it will be more dependent on the level of industrial generic technology

generic technology is a technology that can be widely used in one or more industries and is in the pre competitive stage, with strong externalities; It only covers the laboratory development stage before application research and competition. Only when enterprises carry out subsequent commercial development on this common "platform" can they form their products and processes. Its research often requires the research ability of multiple disciplines, which is difficult for a single enterprise or research institution to overcome. Therefore, the lack of generic technology research and development institutions in China leads to insufficient supply of industrial generic technology

key common technologies have a significant impact on the whole national economy. Their breakthroughs can drive the technological upgrading of many industries, help the country form advantages in some key technology fields or industries, and have strong economic and social benefits. Therefore, the "several opinions" particularly emphasizes the need to break through the "key common technologies". For the research of key common technologies, the government often supports it by setting up special plans or non-governmental special organizations. With policy support, the core and key common technical problems that restrict the old industrial base in the future will be effectively solved

core technology breaks through the bottleneck of industrial structure

leading the transformation of old industrial bases with scientific and technological innovation, our province has concentrated on solving a number of common and key technologies that promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, providing a strong driving force for the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

two months ago, the ± 500kV DC converter transformer independently developed by Shenyang Substation Company filled the domestic gap, and the UHV converter transformer produced for the +8 graphene can also improve the impact strength of plastic plate or buffer, and the 00kv DC transmission project filled the world industry gap; The large turbine compressor for 1million ton/year ethylene project developed by Shenyang Blower company fills the gap of large turbine compressor units for large ethylene plants with more than 1million tons in China; R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine of Shenyang Liming Engine Company has successfully broken through the four core technologies of heavy-duty gas turbine, making China the sixth country in the world to have this technology

relying on the policy support of the revitalization strategy, aiming at the major technical needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, our province has focused on organizing and implementing a number of major scientific and technological projects, such as high-end CNC machine tools, large marine crankshafts, high-quality steel, fine chemicals, etc., breaking through the bottleneck of industrial structure

industrial investment funds enter the foreground

the products of equipment manufacturing enterprises are mostly large-scale complete sets of equipment, and the production cycle is generally oneortwo years, while the customer's prepayment is only oneortwo percent. A large amount of working capital needs to be advanced to maintain production and operation, and a fund is urgently needed to pry. At the beginning of this year, the national development and Reform Commission approved Liaoning to carry out preparations for the establishment of equipment manufacturing industry investment funds and their management institutions. As the relevant national measures to regulate such funds have not been issued, the specific operation plan of the fund has not been issued at present

"industrial investment funds are closely related to independent innovation, especially in the process of the rise of high-tech companies. The" several opinions "proposed to speed up the establishment of equipment manufacturing industry investment funds, and the establishment of funds is not far off." Li Zhanfang said that northeast China is an important equipment manufacturing base in the country. The establishment of the fund in Northeast China is conducive to deepening the reform of the investment system, optimizing the allocation of resources, and accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. Affected by the global financial crisis, China's equipment manufacturing industry has also experienced a certain degree of recession. The establishment of the fund can improve the financial system, promote the development of the capital market, and enhance the equipment manufacturing industry. What are the functional characteristics of the aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine? Ability to resist risks; It can improve the independent innovation ability of the equipment manufacturing industry and bring greater vitality and impetus to the overall revitalization of the old industrial base; It can also reduce dependence on foreign countries and improve industrial safety

Jia Dongfang, deputy director of the finance and Finance Department of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said that the equipment manufacturing industry investment fund directly through equity financing is a new financing method, especially the establishment of large-scale industrial investment fund, which is not only conducive to the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry, but also conducive to reducing the burden on enterprises. The establishment of equipment manufacturing industry investment fund also plays a certain exemplary role. By setting up venture capital funds, our province can develop industrial investment funds for system work, energy conservation and other industries to support the accelerated development of large enterprises and accelerate the revitalization process

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