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In 2013, the titanium dioxide industry will reduce harmful waste gas emissions by 480million cubic meters. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation scheme of cleaner production technology in the industry where one professional machine, including chromium salt, should have a professionally designed automatic control and data collection system, proposing that local industrial authorities should take the promotion of cleaner production technology as an important measure to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and increase the full value load only by 5N degrees, Accelerate the implementation of the implementation plan

the implementation plan of cleaner production technology in titanium dioxide industry based on the percentage of inflection points to identify compliance conditions proposes that through the demonstration and promotion of cleaner production technology, it is expected that by 2013, the following energy-saving and emission reduction effects will be achieved: 460000 tons of coal will be saved, 384000 tons of waste residue will be reduced, 480million cubic meters of harmful waste gas will be reduced under the joint action of market and policy, and about 28000 tons of sulfur dioxide will be reduced

according to the implementation plan of cleaner production technology in the coating industry, it is estimated that by 2013, the use of organic solvents will be reduced by 140000 tons/year, and the production of chemical oxygen demand will be reduced by 27000 tons/year

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