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Abolishing the supervision code industry is a temporary relief (II)

breaking the monopoly barrier of the anti-counterfeiting industry. According to the interview and investigation of the financial weekly, in this storm of supervision code, the listed companies in the anti-counterfeiting industry are not affected and are committed to the research, production and production of this technology due to their own size and upstream position

the competitive situation of this anti-counterfeiting industry is unbalanced, mainly for the application enterprises in the chemical production base that constitute the integration of upstream and downstream industries. The flatness of the upstream anti-counterfeiting core screw is mostly within 0.01mm, which has little impact on the enterprises. Mr. Du, the relevant person in charge of Tongfang's share investment department, said to the financial weekly report. But it has a certain impact on our customers

one of the main businesses of Tongfang microelectronics and ASI Tongfang, two subsidiaries of Tongfang shares, is the core chip development business of smart cards in the fields of identity recognition, telecom operation, financial transactions, anti-counterfeiting and logistics. It is basically in the upstream of the anti-counterfeiting industry chain

in 2006, we just set foot in the core chip business of anti-counterfeit smart cards. It mainly cooperates with ask company of France, and its products are mainly used in ticketing. Mr. Du said to me

rfid and led business will enter a high-speed growth stage in the next three years. Because the company has the core technology with independent intellectual property rights in this field, it still has the advantage to maintain a high profit level. Sun min, the Board Secretary of Tongfang Co., Ltd

sun min, the Board Secretary of Tongfang Co., Ltd., said that RFID technology has been applied to the Olympic electronic ticket system and security inspection system, which has brought unprecedented business opportunities to Tongfang Co., Ltd. and other anti-counterfeiting enterprises. It is reported that Tongfang shares has participated in more than 30 high-tech projects in the Olympic construction

the main business of aerospace information, the only anti-counterfeiting tax control system provider in China, is the value-added tax anti-counterfeiting tax control system, which is also the profit source of the company. Wangyumin, the Board Secretary of aerospace information, said in an interview with the financial weekly that as the company is in the upstream of the anti-counterfeiting industry, it is not greatly affected by the regulatory code storm

the company has achieved ideal business growth in the past two years. The tax controlled cash register has won the bid in the bidding of tax controlled cash registers in Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing, and has undertaken a number of national key projects, such as the Golden Tax Project, the golden card project and the Golden Shield Project. Last year, the company became the contractor of the food safety RFID traceability system for the Beijing Olympic Games. In August, aerospace information became the controlling shareholder of Hunan Satcom with a 51% shareholding ratio

as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of microwave radio frequency identification technology, Yuanwang valley was just listed last year, becoming the first listed company mainly engaged in UHF RFID technology in China

the company has made use of the capital market to carry out a series of acquisitions and mergers in the RFID industry chain. By participating in fengtairuida and acquiring Dehong technology, the company has further enhanced its business strength and market influence. LU Hong, Secretary of Yuanwang Valley, said that thanks to the rapid development of railway construction and RFID application, our sales orders have increased rapidly, so the company's performance has been good

Yuanwang Valley predicts that the company will increase in the third quarter of 2008, and the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company will increase by 100%-150% over the same period of the previous year

in view of the sunrise property of the anti-counterfeiting industry, some domestic listed companies began to covet this cake after announcing the cancellation of the regulatory code system

Jianghui, the Secretary of Jinjia shares, told the financial weekly. We are a packaging and printing enterprise. But we will soon enter the field of anti-counterfeiting printing. In addition, the real estate developer Yu Kaifa also entered the anti-counterfeiting industry through its subsidiary Shanghai Xingye anti counterfeiting Industry Co., Ltd

promote the transformation and upgrading of high-tech manufacturing industry

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