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The price of titanium dioxide in China is expected to rise strongly in the future.

at present, the international supply of titanium dioxide is tight and the price has risen sharply

it is known that the concentration of titanium dioxide production capacity is very high. At present, the main titanium suppliers in the world are Australia, India and Vietnam, which account for more than 50% of the global titanium trade. Five foreign suppliers control 64% of the global total production capacity of titanium dioxide and have pricing power

our latest data show that the year-on-year growth is 43.5%. At present, the price of imported rutile titanium dioxide in China has been nearly 30000 yuan/ton, nearly 10000 yuan/ton higher than the domestic price of 20000 yuan/ton, while the general normal price difference is about 5000 yuan/ton. Therefore, driven by the external price, the domestic titanium dioxide price is expected to rise strongly

at present, about half of China's raw titanium is imported. August is the peak season of the traditional construction real estate industry. The strong demand in the field of coatings and plastics has led to an increasingly acute contradiction in the supply of titanium dioxide

we believe that since the global titanium dioxide supply is in the hands of the five major foreign suppliers, even if the price of raw materials rises, the five major manufacturers' strong bargaining power can transfer the cost to the downstream. For the downstream, titanium dioxide accounts for a small proportion of its cost. Therefore, titanium dioxide enterprises have the ability to transfer the cost increase by 0.1-1%

it is worth noting that environmental protection policies and new applications of titanium dioxide are powerful catalysts for future stock prices. Titanium dioxide can be divided into chlorination method and sulfuric acid method according to different raw materials and technical routes. The sulfuric acid process directly using ilmenite as raw material causes serious environmental pollution. At present, the market is generally expected that the government will issue relevant policies to limit this year. Instead, the pressure of environmental protection will help advantageous enterprises make the car safer and more reliable than traditional models and improve profits

an important field of titanium dioxide in the future is that nano titanium dioxide is used as the carrier of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitration catalyst, accounting for 80% ~ 90% of the catalyst powder and about 40% of the total cost. At present, only a few manufacturers in Japan and Europe can produce nano titanium dioxide. We judge that with the official introduction of the air pollution emission standards for thermal power plants in China in the future, the denitration market will show explosive growth, and the first beneficiary must be the denitration catalyst and its material nano titanium dioxide

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