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At present, there are only more than 20 major titanium dioxide manufacturers in the world, with about 60 production plants. The total capacity of the top five titanium dioxide enterprises in the world has accounted for 70% of the world's total capacity of titanium dioxide. Among them, the total annual production capacity of DuPont's five production plants is 1.08 million tons, Quist is more than 800000 tons (the original eight production plants of American Union are 720000 tons, which was later acquired by Quist), kemeiji is 600000 tons, Huntsman is 570000 tons, and Kronos is 430000 tons. The high concentration of production capacity makes titanium dioxide raw material resources and technical resources mainly in the hands of these few giants, so it can be invincible in the market competition. In China, there are more than 70 titanium dioxide enterprises. At present, there are only a few titanium dioxide enterprises with an output or capacity of 100000 tons/year, such as Shandong Dongjia, Jiangxi Tianguang and Guangxi Jinlong titanium industry. Among them, Jiangxi Tianguang and Guangxi Jinlong titanium industry are still new (expanded) energy enterprises this year. The total production capacity of titanium dioxide in China is more than 1.2 million tons. Obviously, there are basically no domestic titanium dioxide enterprises that can reach 10% of the total production capacity. The giant titanium dioxide enterprises that can truly stand out from the crowd have not yet been born; In terms of geographical distribution, domestic titanium dioxide enterprises are also quite scattered, including northwest, East China, South China and central China. However, there are only a few titanium dioxide enterprises in each region, so it is difficult to form a centralized titanium dioxide industry chain. There are still many disadvantages in the sharing of resources and information, as well as the exertion of economies of scale and market competitiveness

in view of the fact that the production capacity of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises is not concentrated enough, we now call for improving the industrial production capacity concentration, which also conforms to the trend of good development in the economic market trading atmosphere. Judging from the situation this year, many small titanium dioxide enterprises have either stopped production or been merged, and more than 10 hidden traces have disappeared at one time. Some large and medium-sized titanium dioxide enterprises seize the opportunity of the economy actively participating in the major activities of the association to expand their titanium dioxide production capacity. According to this trend, in three to five years, the number of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises is expected to be reduced to less than 20, and the largest production capacity may exceed 200000 tons/year. In terms of capacity concentration, the development of China's titanium dioxide industry is still very optimistic

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