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There is a big gap between China's titanium sulfate production technology and foreign countries

although China's titanium dioxide industry has undergone earth shaking changes in recent years, the process level has been greatly improved every year, the growth rate of production capacity is among the highest in the world, and the market share is also expanding in a large range. In the years before the economic crisis, the export volume of China's titanium dioxide products has also increased sharply every year. But in fact, we should be soberly aware that the development of our titanium dioxide industry is not just a few years away from foreign countries, but decades away. The internationalization of China's titanium dioxide is still quite far away. Here, let's take a look at the differences between China's titanium dioxide and international titanium dioxide:

in terms of technology, the main reason for China's titanium dioxide production technology level compared with that of Europe and the United States is that the sulfuric acid production process is firm, easy-to-use and simple. Some of the core technologies we have mastered in China have been mastered in foreign countries for many years. In terms of maturity, foreign technologies have been updated rapidly, Our high and new technology often stays at the level of developed countries a few years ago; Compared with the rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method in China, the rutile titanium dioxide produced by international chlorination method has better optical performance and application performance because the particles have relatively perfect crystal phase and particle size distribution. There is still a certain gap in whiteness, dispersion, especially stability between domestic titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method and a small number of foreign titanium dioxide products by sulfuric acid method, which are excellent thermosetting organic thermal insulation materials; Although the equipment level of some large domestic enterprises has reached the advanced level of the world's production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process, such as advanced imported equipment as diaphragm filter press, air sweep mill, roller mill, large acidolysis tank and hydrolysis tank, disk filter, super large rotary kiln and DCS control equipment, has been popularized in most enterprises, and even the equipment of some enterprises has reached the world-class level, However, the overall scale of our advanced equipment is small, which is far from reaching the mature conditions for universal popularization. Therefore, compared with the famous titanium dioxide enterprises abroad, our production efficiency is not high on the whole; In addition, compared with foreign mature titanium dioxide enterprises by sulfuric acid process, the development history of China's titanium dioxide industry is quite short, especially the production enterprises of golden red titanium dioxide. Most of the large-scale enterprises that have only made a good standard for experimental machines have only been established and put into operation in the last 10 years, and the accumulation of experience is quite scarce. Moreover, a large number of enterprises are generally faced with the problems of shortage of talents and low quality of operators, Some enterprises even have no time to digest the essence of advanced technology, so they rush into production. On the contrary, the development of titanium dioxide industry in foreign countries is very early. International titanium dioxide enterprises such as DuPont have experienced more than half a century of experience accumulation, and their production control is quite stable. Therefore, in terms of technology management and cost control, China's titanium dioxide enterprises are far from mature compared with foreign countries, and need to learn and accumulate

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