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From February 18 to 19, the " National home decoration Festival " The event was a complete success, and it was also the first great benefit event of shuanghumen Guiyang store this year. Double tiger wooden door is expensive

from February 18 to 19, the "national home decoration Festival" held by Tugou home decoration network in Guiyang was a complete success. This event is also the first huge benefit activity of shuanghumen Guiyang store this year. The activity site of Shuanghu Mumen Guiyang store was crowded and bustling. The Shuanghu family members were also in high spirits, and the on-site orders continued. Customers also received exquisite gifts while enjoying value-added discounts, and their faces were also filled with happy smiles

at the beginning of the home decoration Festival, customers continued to patronize Shuanghu wooden door. Not long after the activity began, customers began to pay a deposit. Shuanghu team is even more motivated, with a sincere smile to serve every customer in the store, and has successfully ordered Shuanghu wooden door products from many customers. Although many customers consulted Shuanghu wooden door on site, Shuanghu's family made proper arrangements and the order on site has always been good

"no small steps, no even a thousand miles; no small streams, no river and sea." ― Xunzi "is a perfect sentence to describe the double tiger wooden door. After years of precipitation and development, Shuanghu wooden door has developed into one of the large-scale high-end wooden door manufacturers in the wooden door industry, and has become one of the top ten wooden door brands in China. Shuanghu wooden door has always believed that a good product should have a good price in addition to good quality and service. Therefore, at the event site, Shuanghu wooden door products not only ensure quality, but also offer multiple discounts in terms of price

this rabbit dog national home decoration Festival is the first huge benefit activity of Shuanghu wooden door this year. In addition to the preferential price of Shuanghu wooden door products, Shuanghu wooden door has shown great sincerity to thank new and old customers for their support and trust. At the event site, all those who enter the store with a DM order and those who order Shuanghu wooden door products will receive a gift. The more you buy, the more discounts, and the real benefits will be realized to the customers

on February 19, the first home decoration festival of this year held by rabbit and dog home decoration network has come to a perfect end, and shuanghumen has also gained a lot in this activity. Here, I would like to thank rabbit and dog home decoration network and the support and trust of customers who bought affordable goods in this year's first home decoration Festival, so that shuanghumen Guiyang store can successfully conclude this activity. However, this year's rabbit and dog national home decoration Festival is not over for everyone. There are still 9 games left. Please look forward to it

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