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During the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Huiya media ・ home hotline reporters conducted on-site interviews with the participating door and window brands. Mr. Shen Chang, marketing director, was interviewed by Yihe doors and windows

during the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Huiya media ・ home hotline reporters conducted on-site interviews with the participating door and window brands. Mr. Shen Chang, the marketing director of Yihe doors and windows, was interviewed. Mr. Shen said that the world doors and windows, China Yihe, would like all colleagues to work hard for China doors and windows to stand tall in the world

Yihe door and window marketing director Shen Chang

Huiya home reporter: Hello, President Shen! How many times does Yihe door and window participate in Guangzhou Construction Expo? What industry opportunities and challenges did you see when you first came to the exhibition

Mr. Shen: This is our fifth time to participate in the China Construction Expo. We come to this exhibition with an opportunity to show ourselves and give dealers confidence. Five years ago, I felt that the door and window industry was being reformed, and customers needed higher-grade doors and windows to replace the old-fashioned doors and windows. Yihe seized this opportunity

Huiya home furnishing reporter: what new products did Yihe bring to the exhibition, and what new deployments did the brand strategy have

president Shen: we have brought a brand-new and nationwide designer concept this time, which is a breakthrough in this industry. Everyone can be a designer sitting at home. In addition, we mainly attract customers through products in sales. This time, we also brought a lot of leisure sunshine rooms for you to visit. Through the product display, it also shows the brand strength of Yihe. Our brand plan is mainly to upgrade sales, mainly to build a business team of Yihe; Then we should improve and upgrade the refined management of production, attract customers with brands, impress customers with products, impress customers with services, and grasp customers with good quality

Huiya home furnishing reporter: we know that the competition is fierce now, so what do you think will be the focus of the competition in the future

president Shen: enterprises must have three models to become stronger and bigger. The first is the scale of the factory. If there is no factory to support any products made by hand, the products will not be able to settle down; The second is the refined management of production. Every node should be perfect and meet the needs of most customers; The third is our sales and marketing methods to build an elite team, so as to meet the needs of customers in an all-round way in order to make the enterprise bigger. At the same time, I always believe that the door and window industry is the last piece of cake. With the higher and higher living standards, people's needs are also different, and the demand for customization is also higher and higher. Customized products such as doors and windows will become more and more attractive

Huiya home furnishing reporter: this year is the 18th year of Guangzhou Construction Expo. Can you send some blessings to the Expo and its peers on behalf of Yihe doors and windows

president Shen: I wish all colleagues of doors and windows to work together to make China's doors and windows stand tall in the world. We have a slogan for Yihe doors and windows called "world doors and windows, China Yihe". We hope Yihe doors and windows can bring more and better products to consumers





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