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Basically, every real estate will have a house type of 90 square meters. If you want to say the most popular house type, 90 square meters must be the right one. Among the many owners of decoration, there must be many owners of 90 square meters. Some friends have to worry about the good style of home decoration. Today, the decoration editor has sorted out several 90 square meter home decoration model rooms to see what different styles of 90 square meters will be interpreted as

case 1: Radio and television Lanting era 90 square meters two bedrooms and two halls IKEA style Ruijia decoration

case 2: Shengshi Jiangcheng 90 square meters two bedrooms and two halls American style Milan heaven and earth decoration

case 3: hechangdu huihuafu 90 square meters two bedrooms and two halls Mediterranean style Jiangnan beauty decoration

Case 4: jiazhaoye jinyutianxia 90 square meters three bedrooms and two halls modern simple style XinyiShang decoration

90 square meters is a very suitable living area, Whether it's the wedding room for a young couple or a family of three, it's very suitable, and it won't be too limited in style. This may be the greatest charm of 90 square meters, so you only need to design according to your personal preferences when decorating. The above sets of model rooms are shared for your reference, hoping to help you

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