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When choosing decoration and construction companies, we must be careful. Although those rankings play a certain role in our selection of decoration and construction companies, they will also omit some decoration companies that are not ranked but are equally excellent. You can choose a decoration and construction company that suits you according to your own needs. How to choose an interior decoration company

(1) visit regular companies. The employees of the company will introduce their service process, charging standard, design and construction, and after-sales service to the owner in detail. In addition, they will arrange for the owner to visit the construction site under construction or at the end of the company, so that the owner can see their construction technology, service attitude, and project quality with their own eyes, which will make them more convinced

(2) face to face communication between designers and owners. According to the owner's investment plan, use your professional quality to make a more practical and perfect decoration effect for the owner with limited investment, and you can track it all the way, including the owner's purchase of floors, wall tiles, floor tiles, lamps, sanitary ware and other main materials. Designers may accompany you all the way, so as to achieve coordination and matching with the overall decoration

(3) the budgeter makes a detailed secondary actuary, has a detailed labor and material analysis, and clearly indicates the brand, specification, unit price, quantity and labor wage of the materials, which is not a general comprehensive quotation. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. You can find the context of every board you use at home. In this way, even if the owner is a layman who doesn't understand the decoration at all, it doesn't matter, and he may still spend it openly

(4) sign a strict and standardized construction contract, there is no room to drill, everything is handled according to the rules, and both the company and the owner bear the corresponding obligations and responsibilities

(5) during the construction period, there will be a project manager on each construction site, who will monitor the whole construction process, and be responsible for the progress of the construction site, quality management, deployment of all staff, and coordination with the owner. Because they are professional construction personnel, with professional knowledge and construction management experience, they can sensitively find and thoroughly solve problems on the construction site, which can save time and trouble for busy owners

(6) after the completion, the owner will personally check and accept, do environmental protection testing for free, and issue an after-sales maintenance card with two-year warranty and lifelong maintenance, so that the owner can really rest assured




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