Four loopholes in housing decoration quotation

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When it comes to home decoration, many people are worried that they will find dissatisfied decoration companies, which will affect the progress and effect of decoration. When some decoration companies quote prices for house decoration, the lion opens his mouth and makes random quotations. In order to avoid such things, I have compiled four loopholes that are easy to appear in the quotation for house decoration for your reference

I. “ Missing report ” Some necessary home decoration main materials

home decoration projects have some necessary home decoration main materials. Some home decoration companies deliberately omitted to report some main materials in order to attract customers at a low price when quoting prices to owners. Owners who do not have much judgment are often affected by this price “ Reasonable ” Attracted by the low quotation, so as to sign the contract readily. But in the next process of home decoration, for the normal construction of the project, the owner had to pay these “ Missing report ” Pay for the project. Therefore, smart owners will combine the drawings with the on-site situation of the house, work with the home decoration company to find out all the main materials needed, and indicate them when signing the construction contract. If the main materials of children's shoes are not clear, you can also send decoration bidding to compare the quotations of multiple decoration companies to prevent being cheated

II. Deliberately reduce the quantities

this practice is to report only a part of the total amount of the construction projects in the preliminary budget quotation, “ Legacy ” Part of it will be included in the settlement. Generally, the main reason for such loopholes is that the drawings are not comprehensive. This technique is similar to “ Missing report ” Some of the main materials of home decoration that must be used are basically similar

third, the quality, level and specification of fuzzy materials

this is a common means for non-standard home decoration companies and wild teams. Usually, although the quotation they provide indicates the type of materials required and the quantity of materials required, it does not specify the grade, style, brand, specification and other details of the selection. You know, even if the materials of the same brand have different types and ranking, not to mention the brand? For example, the most expensive material in home decoration &mdash& mdash; Ceramic tiles, the prices of products of the same specification from different places of origin and brands are sometimes very different; Sometimes, there is a big gap in the price of products of different series of the same brand. Usually, it is general to only quote the price of a category with large area and materials, and there may be loopholes

generally speaking, the owner should require each item of the quotation to specify the quality, level, specification and other elements of the materials as much as possible, so as to facilitate the verification of whether the materials are purchased according to the specified requirements during the decoration

IV. ambiguous construction technology

generally, those irregular companies write ambiguous construction technology in the quotation due to subjective and objective reasons, resulting in loopholes. The subjective reason is that irregular companies, behind the low charges, mainly rely on vague process instructions to facilitate future income improvement; The objective reason is that there is no high-level data personnel, so it is difficult to write a concise and comprehensive description of the construction process. When the profit can be increased after the completion, the owner will be asked to increase the cost

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