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Although urbanization has brought great opportunities to the plastics industry, especially the PVC industry, Zhang Wenlei said in an interview a few days ago that China's PVC industry is currently in the most difficult period. In order to get rid of the current difficulties, he put forward the good medicine of five flavors: the relevant government departments should further improve the industry standards, establish and improve the market mechanism, implement reasonable export policies, encourage enterprises to carry out independent innovation, and implement specific incentive policies in financing, taxation and other aspects

according to statistics, since the first quarter, the average operating rate of more than 200 PVC production enterprises in China is only about 50%; The price of PVC products is still low. At present, most enterprises are on the edge of loss or loss measuring devices

investigating the reason, Zhang Wenlei believes that the main reason why PVC is in trouble is structural overcapacity. PVC is one of the largest and most widely used plastic products in the world at present. Due to its low price and superior performance, it has been recognized by more and more consumers, and the market demand is showing a steady growth trend. However, in recent years, China has set off a blind follow-up PVC investment fever. The rapid expansion of production capacity, but the market demand can not keep up, has brought serious oversupply, leading to a sharp drop in prices

according to statistics, from 2005 to 2010, about 160 enterprises in China newly expanded ionic membrane caustic soda projects, while supporting the construction of PVC and related chlorine products projects. China's PVC production capacity soared from 9.72 million tons in 2005 to 23.41 million tons in 2012, with rapid capacity expansion

in addition, Zhang Wenlei pointed out that China's PVC industry still faces many problems. For example, the industrial concentration is not high and the layout is scattered; The enterprise level is uneven, some devices have high energy consumption and poor safety and environmental protection management; Lack of scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, etc

To this end, Zhang Wenlei suggested that the relevant government departments should carry out work in many aspects in the future. First, government departments should formulate policies to further improve industry access conditions and strictly control new production capacity. Second, establish and improve the market mechanism and eliminate backward production capacity. Relevant departments should formulate relevant safety, environmental protection and other standards to promote the orderly exit of backward production capacity, and suggest the government department in the field of sports and leisure products to provide relevant financial support and personnel resettlement policies. The third is to promote the different effective cycles of certificates and 3, promote industry integration, improve industry concentration, and introduce specific incentives in financing, taxation and other aspects to encourage cross-border restructuring of enterprises. Fourth, implement reasonable export policies, increase export efforts, encourage enterprises to explore international markets, and reduce the burden on export enterprises. Fifth, further increase policy support for energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, waste energy utilization and rational utilization of resources. The hydraulic cylinder of universal experimental machine is not parallel to the guide rail, and encourage enterprises to carry out independent innovation and promote industrial technological progress

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