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Five development strategies of China's machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the general plan for the development of China's machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period issued by the China Machinery Industry Federation on the th proposed that China's machinery industry should implement five development strategies during the 12th Five Year Plan period

1. Focus on high-end strategy

we should focus on high-tech products, accelerate the development of high-end machinery products that currently rely heavily on imports, and turn the previously "inedible" demand into the growth space of the "12th Five Year Plan". We should devote ourselves to the upgrading of traditional products to high-quality products, solve the chronic disease of "not doing well" and "not doing well" of traditional products caused by the volatilization of organic solvents, and improve the image of Chinese machinery products in the international and domestic markets. At the same time, we should vigorously promote the high-end industrial structure, encourage advantageous enterprises to merge and reorganize, become bigger and stronger, and improve industrial concentration; We should take advantage of the situation and develop industrial clusters with different characteristics and advantages, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises

2. Innovation driven strategy

the machinery industry in the "12th Five Year Plan" must shift from relying excessively on the input of energy, resources and other factors to relying more on scientific and technological innovation, system and mechanism management innovation and personnel quality improvement. To realize "innovation driven" requires not only increasing investment in product research and development, but also strengthening the construction of industrial innovation system and strengthening the cultivation of innovative talents and innovative capabilities. In addition, according to the successful experience of many localization supporting projects, special attention should be paid to winning the support of users and government departments, so as to better implement the market conditions of independent innovation

3. Strengthen the basic strategy

after the reform and opening up, the machinery industry has implemented the "reverse development" strategy of purchasing key parts and materials worldwide and integrating systems to meet the needs of users in the process of localization of many main engines. This strategy has achieved the rapid growth of the host industry. However, with the rapid development of high-end host industry regulations, which are two high-performance 3D printing wire rod dies, both the price, quantity, level and delivery date of imported parts and components have felt increasingly strong intentional constraints from international competitors. During the 12th Five Year Plan, the machinery industry must do everything possible to strengthen the common basic fields of the machinery industry, such as basic parts, basic technology and basic technology. On the issue of strengthening the foundation, we should break the original industry segmentation, and the host industry and parts industry should give full play to their respective advantages, support and cooperate with each other, and make every effort to promote

4. The integration strategy of the two modernizations

"the integration of the two modernizations" is not only to integrate information technology into mechanical products, speed up the development of mechanical products to digitalization and intelligence, and realize the improvement of the function and reliability of traditional mechanical products; It is not only to apply information technology to the operation and management of machinery enterprises, so that R & D, production and enterprise management develop towards informatization, automation and networking, and greatly improve the operation and management level of enterprises; The in-depth promotion of the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" is to promote the establishment of new development concepts, promote innovation in R & D capabilities, product levels, market models, service systems and other aspects, and improve the efficiency and efficiency of R & D design, processing and manufacturing, enterprise management and marketing services

5, "green first" strategy

energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental friendliness must become the basic requirements that the machinery industry must attach great importance to in its own production process during the "12th Five Year Plan", especially as a high energy consuming link in the machinery industry, thermal processing enterprises should pay more attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental friendliness. The machinery industry should actively develop efficient and energy-saving products, vigorously develop new energy equipment, and provide advanced equipment for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction for users in all walks of life. At the same time, the design and manufacturing of mechanical products should pay more attention to the green concept that reflects the whole life cycle. 2. The minimum elongation at the time of breaking is at least several times the elongation of the corresponding chain. "High efficiency, low pollution, recyclability, resource reusability" and other factors must be given priority. It will take a long time to develop the remanufacture of mechanical products and adhere to the new industrialization road of green manufacturing and circular economy

the "12th Five Year Plan" development goals of the machinery industry also include: a breakthrough in upgrading the industry to high-end; The ability of independent innovation has been significantly enhanced. The proportion of RD funds in the main business income of large enterprises has reached about 2.5%, and the output value rate of new products has increased to about 25%; The industrial foundation is preliminarily consolidated; The level of integration of industrialization and industrialization has been significantly improved; Promote green manufacturing and strive to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of 10000 yuan industrial added value of the machinery industry from 0.425 tons of standard coal in 2009 to about 0.31 tons of standard coal in 2015, with an average annual decrease of 5.9%

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