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Five characteristics of household hardware appliances introduction of household hardware appliances

household hardware appliances make the main patents of NCA in the hands of Panasonic and Sumitomo in Japan. People are liberated from heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, creating a more comfortable and beautiful environment for mankind. So what are the characteristics of household hardware appliances? Next, let's talk about household hardware and appliances

1. Safety

household appliances are widely used, and users do not necessarily have electrical knowledge, so their safety performance is very important. It is required that appliances will not cause personal injury accidents in the event of mechanical or electrical failures. Most countries have promulgated regulations and standards for the safety management of household appliances, and some countries have enforced them in the form of laws. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has issued safety rules for household appliances. China stipulates that the national standards for household appliances are equivalent or equivalent to IEC safety rules

2. Practicality

practicality is the basic feature of household appliances. The product should have basic use functions, reasonable structure and convenient operation, so that users can use it correctly without having special skills

3. Reliability

reliability is a comprehensive index reflecting the quality of household appliances. Mean time between failures (MTBF) is a major indicator of the reliability of household appliances. The production process of products needs to implement strict total quality management to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality

4. Novel

household appliances have the characteristics of beautifying the family, so they should be decorative. The shape and appearance of the product should not only have distinct epochal characteristics, reflect the scientific and technological level of a certain period and people's aesthetic interests, but also reflect the scientificity of the structure, the rationality of material selection and 2. The range driving force of the elements weakens the progressiveness of the process

5. Less energy consumption

improving the efficiency index of household appliances and reducing energy consumption are the long-term efforts of the main producing countries of household appliances. The energypolicy and conser vationact enacted by the United States in December 1975 stipulates minimum energy efficiency standards for 14 kinds of household appliances that consume more energy. In June, 1979, Japan promulgated the law on the rational use of energy, which establishes the judgment standard for the energy consumption efficiency of refrigerators and air conditioners with high energy consumption, and stipulates that energy consumption efficiency marks should be set on specific products to facilitate consumers' choice

household hardware and electrical appliances provide us with a more conducive living and working environment for physical and mental health, and provide rich and colorful culture with obvious granular entertainment conditions, which has become a necessity of modern family life. The above is the content of all PVC door and window hinges (hinges) jg/t 125 (2) 000 of household hardware and appliances introduced to you! I hope I can help you

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