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Five practical experiences can help you optimize the supply chain [China Plastics online news] information management

supply chain management is to optimize the supply chain, starting from procurement, including workflow, physical flow, fundsflow and informationflow, which are carried out efficiently. Deliver products to consumers in time at a reasonable price. How to manage the supply chain? Different enterprises have different success models. Here are some experiences in supply chain management

customer centered

driven by market demand

enterprises organize production according to customer needs. In the past, the initial driving force of the supply chain came from the manufacturing sector. Mr. Wang will not know the sales effect of his products before they are put into the market. In this "push system", the risks of insufficient inventory and poor sales exist at the same time. Now, from the design of products, enterprises have let customers participate in it, so that products can truly meet the needs of customers. This "pull system" supply chain is driven by consumer demand

emphasize the core business and competitiveness of enterprises

due to the limited resources of enterprises, it is very difficult to obtain competitive advantages in various industries and fields. Therefore, it must focus on a specific area of expertise, that is, core business, in order to accurately position itself in the supply chain and become an irreplaceable role in the supply chain

friendly and close cooperation between enterprises

in the past, supply and marketing were irrelevant. It was a hostile relationship between whether furniture was strong and durable. In the mode of supply chain management, all links are regarded as a part of the whole. In addition to their own interests, enterprises in the chain should also pursue the overall competitiveness and profitability. Because the final customer chooses a product, all members of the whole supply chain benefit

using information technology to optimize the supply chain

information process used to be completed only by, fax, or even meeting. Now it can be carried out through interconnection. Although the means are different, the content has not changed. The advantage of computer information system lies in its ability of automatic operation and processing a large amount of data, which makes the information flow faster, and the often used smoothing agent has approached its melting point and become bonded faster, while reducing errors. However, information system is only a tool to support business processes. The business model of the enterprise itself determines the businessdrivesit of information system

continuously improve each process of the supply chain

in addition to the information system, supply chain management also integrates the workflow, physical process, capital process and information process to optimize the whole. We will improve efficiency in the purchase, transportation, storage, sales and other transactions, and optimize all links of the 10 response chains for the large plastic market. Modern logistics is an emerging industry to optimize the physical process

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