Five first aid measures for braking failure of the

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Five first aid measures for tractor braking failure

when the tractor is running, the driver steps on the brake pedal and still cannot stop, which is what we call braking failure. If the brake suddenly fails, it will not only threaten driving safety, but also cause tragic accidents. Such protection shall be protected at least twice a month on average. Then, there is no need to lay the foundation. In case of brake failure, drivers should take the following first-aid measures in time to help you save your life every minute

first, decelerate and downshift

quickly raise the throttle, so as to skip the grade and reduce to the low gear. How to better ensure the working efficiency and use the sudden increase of the gear ratio and the traction effect of the engine to curb the car

second, shift or parking brake

on the basis of engine traction braking, the vehicle speed decreases. At this time, you can use shift or tractor parking brake to further slow down, and finally drive the tractor to the roadside for parking

III. engine traction braking

it is the simplest, fastest and effective method to decelerate immediately, implement engine traction braking, and use steering to avoid obstacles as much as possible

IV. the speed of tightening the parking brake lever

is still fast. You can gradually prevent the rotation of the transmission parts by tightening the parking brake lever. When pulling, pay attention not to pull it all at once, so as to avoid "locking" the brake disc and losing all braking capacity

v. use the surrounding obstacles

especially when going down a long slope. If the vehicle cannot be effectively controlled by taking the above measures, and the accident is unavoidable, you should resolutely pull the vehicle to the side of the road and use the professional friction and wear testing machine consumer manufacturer of Jinan Sida! Stop the car due to the collision between the side of the car and trees or other obstacles in order to minimize the problem and reduce losses

the above are several first-aid measures for tractor braking failure summarized for your reference

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