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Five factors restricting the expansion of China's bearing export scale

the grade and positioning of export products are low

although China has made remarkable achievements in opening up the international market and expanding exports in recent years, and the bearing export volume has increased year by year, most of them are cheap miniature ball bearings. Taking 608zz bearing as an example, China is the largest producer of this kind of bearing in the world and one of the countries that export this kind of bearing most. However, this type of bearing used in domestic air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances in China is imported from NSK, Koyo and other companies in Japan. This situation is also a common phenomenon in the matching of main engines in China. It shows that the micro ball bearings exported from China are positioned in the low-end market

the specifications of export products are too centralized, and low-cost competition

because the international market has a certain limit on the capacity of low-grade micro and small ball bearing products, hundreds of enterprise products in China compete for the market with products from Russia, Romania and other countries at the same time, forming a situation of supply exceeding demand, which is the main reason for low-cost competition

at present, there are no less than 500 enterprises in China that carry out the export business of micro and small bearings through various channels, and the competition is extremely fierce, resulting in mutual price reduction in order to compete for the market

the export price of spherical bearings with seats is relatively high, and many manufacturers have launched them one after another, regardless of the market capacity. At present, the export price of this kind of bearings has been reduced to 1/3 of the original

the export level of products is low, and the market is unstable

at present, China relies more on middlemen in the export channels of bearing products, and entrepot trade accounts for a considerable proportion. In addition, there are few products directly entering the market, the order varieties and specifications are random, and the requirements of end users are often unclear, which is not conducive to the organization of production or after-sales service

the export volume of foreign enterprises' bearings continues to expand. The plastic flexible packaging material industry is large but not strong. Technological innovation is the key.

at present, foreign famous bearing companies that have decided to withdraw have invested in China to set up factories, and the bearings produced are for domestic support and export. In the future, with the continuous expansion of production scale, its proportion in the total stroke of China's bearing exports will continue to expand

the quality and level of foreign trade personnel are low

some bearing foreign trade personnel do not understand technology and market, and the pre-sales, sales and after-sales services for bearing export are very imperfect, which has caused great difficulties in entering the OEM market

some foreign trade personnel with high professional quality, when they grasp a certain market for corrosive gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and so on, immediately change jobs, establish new companies, and maliciously compete in the original market, disrupting the market and depressing the export price

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