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Cloud4c, the world's leading cloud hosting service provider, launched its business in Korea

cloud4c, the world's leading cloud hosting service provider, announced its business in Korea. Cloud4c provides a wide range of services, including cloud migration to large-scale enterprises, hybrid cloud, cloud hosting services, it modernization services, disaster recovery services and managed security services. The company serves 60 of the Fortune 500 global multinationals, with operations in 25 countries and 50 locations around the world

Korean enterprises wishing to carry out digital transformation or realize it modernization will greatly benefit from the service portfolio of cloud4c. Cloud4c is a cloud hosting service provider. It has established important strategic partnerships with SAP, AWS, Microsoft azure and Google cloud platform, and has its own public cloud platform. The company has helped sap to launch SAP Hana enterprise cloud services in 25 countries and provide services for global well-known brands

sridhar pinnapureddy, the founder and CEO of cloud4c, said: we are very happy to launch business in Korea, which is the world's 12th largest economy, has a unique geographical location and pursues a business friendly policy with great growth potential. We plan to meet the key business needs of Korean enterprises by providing a wide range of services, such as bank community cloud, SAP community cloud, cloud migration services to large-scale cloud providers, and cloud hosting services. We work with 4000 enterprises from around the world to help CIOs transform digitally and help them achieve their technical and business goals. We plan to work with CIOs of Korean enterprises to help them play a greater role in developing it strategies and building digital leadership

cloud4c plans to cooperate with the Korean government and leading it universities to set up cloud4c colleges locally to cultivate local talents with sufficient industry experience. Sridhar pinnapureddy said: our goal at the end of assembly and service life is to train the young generation in Korea, make them outstanding talents in the promising cloud computing field, help them obtain employment opportunities, and finally become industry leaders

the company recently appointed Peter SEO as the South Korean business director and vice president. He will be in Seoul and be responsible for providing leadership and development direction for the company

peter SEO said: by cooperating with high-quality suppliers of SAP Hana enterprise cloud, we aim to become the leading SAP partner in the region. As an azure expert MSP certified enterprise, a senior consulting partner of AWS, and a hosting service partner of GCP and OCI, we are ready to build a collaborative ecosystem, so as to provide outstanding business results for Korean, Chinese and Japanese enterprises that want to realize the modernization of IT environment by turning the rod of zigzag institutions to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob)

cloud4c introduction

cloud4c is the world's leading cloud hosting service provider, providing services to 4000 customers in 25 countries and 50 locations, including 60 Fortune 500 global multinationals. The company provides cloud services (public, private, mixed) and community cloud services (bank community cloud, SAP community cloud), cloud migration to AWS, Microsoft azure, Google cloud and other large-scale architectures, as well as end-to-end cloud hosting services, disaster recovery services and hosting security services

the company plans to expand its business scope to 80 countries and 160 locations in the next 36 to 48 months

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