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The three major rubber producing countries in the world will limit the output of natural rubber. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the major natural rubber producing countries in the world, ensure that the Jinan gold testing machine can operate normally. The zigzag test in West Jinan is mainly used to test the performance of materials under zigzag load. Recently, it said that it will continue to implement the market intervention plan in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, To push up the price of Tianjiao to above $1 per kilogram

the output of natural rubber of the three major Southeast Asian producing countries accounts for about 62% of the global total output. These countries said they planned to cut their export volume by 10% and their output by 4% by the end of this year; The situation in 2004 will be reassessed in the near future

the chairman of the three countries' Rubber Joint Council (ITRC) recently said that we will continue to implement the agreements reached, and reduce the export volume and output by 10% and 4% respectively

declare that it is no longer a struggle for survival:

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