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The geomantic omen of the house is related to the fate of the home, so the decoration geomantic omen of the house needs our attention; So what are the stresses of Feng Shui in house decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on Feng Shui in house decoration

taboo of Feng Shui in new house decoration

solution to the pattern of Feng Shui taboo in new house decoration

because modern house designers not only consider the convenience of consumers, but also consider the cost and cost when designing houses. In general, the balcony is opposite to the door or kitchen. The Feng Shui taboo of new house decoration clearly stipulates that such a pattern is detrimental to the family's luck. The door can bring in wealth, but it can also let wealth escape. What about the balcony? It connects with the outside world. In order to avoid the leakage of wealth, it is best to choose a good-looking curtain between them. In this way, we can avoid the leakage of wealth

but the house has been built, so there is no way to modify it. The only thing we can do is to use some decorations to crack it. In order to correspond with the decoration style of the new house, you can choose the porch or screen with the same color. Put some beautiful plants or handicrafts on it. In this way, we can break the taboo on Feng Shui

new house decoration Feng Shui taboo cracking balcony method

balcony is the door connected with the atmosphere. If the balcony faces the kitchen, it is also against feng shui theory. This is an unreasonable design scheme. How to crack it? You can make a beautiful crystal curtain between the balcony and the kitchen. And what about this curtain? You can block the good fortune and good luck in the room and make your life or career prosperous. If you prefer beautiful green plants or bonsai, you can design a small garden at the guardrail of the sun. Put some of your favorite flowers or plants regularly. In addition to looking good, it can also be used as a screen to break the taboos in Feng Shui

new house decoration Feng Shui taboo cracking fish tank decorations

for many people with leisure and elegance, the indispensable part of the new house decoration style is the choice of decorations. Fish tank is one of the most common choices. But the aquarium also has some stress on Feng Shui, which doesn't mean you can put it wherever you want. If you can't have water in your five elements, you'd better be careful when choosing a fish tank. It may bring you disaster. When choosing a fish tank, you must abide by the five elements. Generally, water should avoid soil, soil should avoid wood, wood should avoid gold, and gold should avoid fire. As long as you abide by this rule, you can avoid being hurt

see here, do you already know the Feng Shui taboo of new house decoration? Of course, in addition to the above information, there are many other taboo specifications. I hope you can consult some relevant materials when decorating the house, so that you can be foolproof and your life will be better

13 taboos of Feng Shui in house decoration

first, there are too many mirrors in the family

in Feng Shui, mirrors are very cold and easy to attract evil. If there are too many mirrors in the family, it will cause the husband and wife to consume money, which means that this couple is very extravagant and flashy. If they buy a lot of things they don't want, their expenditure will exceed their income, and the economy of the family for a long time may be getting worse and worse

second, the door post is bent or broken with the door leaf

the door post is actually the four side pillars of the door, and the door leaf is the door itself. The door post or door leaf is a little bent or broken, which means that the God of wealth doesn't come in, but the God of poverty comes in

third, the stove or cooker breaks

for some people, if the stove or cooker breaks down, they are lazy to lose it, but in the wind and water, this will make you never turn over, and the God of wealth will not find you

IV. the wall with tiles in the bedroom

in the home, the tiles should generally be used in the toilet and kitchen, but in some bedrooms, he directly pastes the tiles, which is not good, because the tiles will fall off, which also represents the bad financial games at home

v. the couple's bed is against the wall on three sides

some people probably save space and will make their bed against the wall on three sides, but such a decoration will make the sleeper feel imprisoned inside, and the bedroom represents the dark wealth position. The wealth position is imprisoned, of course, the finance and accounting can't get in

some people probably make the bed close to the wall on three sides because of the saved space, but such a decoration will make the sleeper feel imprisoned inside, and the bedroom represents the dark wealth position. The wealth position is imprisoned, of course, the wealth will not enter

VI. there is a river running through the residence

many rich people like to build houses on the river because they think such a design is very poetic, but in fact, in terms of Feng Shui, the residence is absolutely not suitable for running water, which will make this family lose money seriously

VII. Putting flowers at the head of the bed is easy to make peach blossom

both husband and wife will have an affair, and over time, they will go their separate ways and their families will be broken

VIII. The bed is too close to the glass window

empty and helpless, so you can't be down-to-earth, which affects the development of your career. In modern metropolises, there are often buildings in front of, behind and beside the building, and the bedrooms are too close to the windows, so that the bedrooms cannot maintain their privacy well; In addition, as the city becomes more and more complex, annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window and affect your sleep& ldquo; There are many dreams under the window ” The statement of has also been fulfilled in my practice. According to previous Feng Shui books, lying in bed too close to the window is easy to cause “ Red apricots come out of the wall ”, There is such a saying

IX. the head of the bed is embedded with a mirror, which provokes ghosts

the owner often has headaches and insomnia. Romance should be based on principles and Feng Shui, but romance should not affect health. Many young people decorate their houses unconventionally. Everyone knows that everything is in order, and the contrary is implicated

X. don't use uneven bedroom furniture.

uneven means disharmony. Living for a long time is easy to cause quarrels

Xi. Messy beds and underground will affect the master's luck

in life, many people don't understand the truth that tidiness can bring good luck. In fact, Feng Shui is not as complicated as you think. It's right beside you. It is neither like some people deliberately mystify it and hold it to the sky, nor like some people who do not understand Feng Shui at all, but say it is superstition and trampled on the ground. Feng Shui is around you, everywhere, simple and easy to understand. Everyone knows that messy people can't do great things, so tidy up your environment and give yourself a good mood. Good luck comes naturally

12. The bedroom likes to use the whole window and avoids using two or more separate windows.

the matter of a window wall is divided into several pieces, which is troublesome to think of. Feng Shui no wonder also avoid this. There are many differences in doing things, you can't do it at one go. Look more when you buy a house. (guidaye Fengshui

XIII. Flowers and plants are suitable for the living room, not for the bedroom

generally speaking, the bedroom likes to put plants with large leaves and broad leaves. Enhance the feelings between husband and wife and enhance the wealth of the host. Do things with ease. Easy to win the favor of your boss. Small leaf flowers and plants will make the owner fall into a trivial situation. There is always repetition in doing things

five stresses of Feng Shui in house decoration

first, determine the color theme according to personal preferences

determine the auspicious color that is conducive to the owner's fortune. According to the master's date of birth to determine the main color, including walls, floors, etc; In the small room where family members are individually located, they can choose auspicious colors in combination with their personal fatalism preferences. For example, for people in Ximu, their rooms can be mainly green, which plays a role in helping transportation

second, determine the room of family members according to the orientation of family members

. We should calculate the color and direction of family members according to the birth time of the house owner, the couple and their families, and determine the most suitable location for everyone at home

third, determine the coating according to the preferences of people

determine the auspicious materials beneficial to the owner. Environmental protection materials are of course the first choice for decoration. But on this basis, we have to choose according to the five element properties of the material and the five element preferences of the host. Those who like Earth in their life, preferably stone (earthy), those who like wood in their life, preferably wood (woody), and those who like gold in their life, of course, should be equipped with metal door and window appliances, which are more suitable (gold), etc

IV. choose an auspicious day to start decoration

choose the start date of home decoration. When some people choose the day, they like to look through the experience book to find the auspicious day. It should be pointed out here that “ An auspicious day ” It is for all people, so the auspicious day of the yellow road is auspicious for some people, but it may not be good for some people. The standard of good or bad luck should be considered in combination with the date of birth of an individual

v. adjust to an unreasonable layout

for an unreasonable layout, we should design an adjustment plan before home decoration, and strive to solve the problem in one construction. In the design of some houses, there is a layout that is not conducive to the fate of the owner, such as the orientation of the bathroom is pressed by Geely, the bathroom door is directly opposite to the door of the master bedroom, and other similar problems, which need to use the screen or adjust the direction of the door, etc. These are best designed before home decoration, so as not to wait until there are problems, and then rush to redecorate, repeat the construction, which costs money, materials and time, It also destroys the overall beauty of the house decoration




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