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KB Jiantao graphene heating module eliminates the embarrassment of high cost of electric heating, solves the huge engineering and environmental pollution problems of plumbing construction and maintenance, and realizes the national and public dream of energy-saving and environmental protection heating decoration

kb Jiantao graphene heating module integrates high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and has many high-quality functions such as far-infrared health care; The embarrassment of the high cost of electric heating has been eliminated, the huge projects of water heating construction and maintenance and environmental pollution problems have been solved, and the national and public dream of energy-saving and environmental protection heating decoration has been realized

I. KB Jiantao graphene heating module has a multi-layer protective structure, and graphene heating module products fully consider the problems of convenient installation and safe construction

kb Jiantao graphene heating module is composed of five layers of insulation board, calcium silicate board, infrared reflection film, graphene heating chip and calcium silicate board from bottom to top. The total thickness includes a surface decorative layer of 7.5-8cm. When installing, you only need to pave the whole heating module and connect it to the temperature controller. The installation is fast, and it can be completed in about 100 square meters in a day

after the installation of modular products and the completion of testing and inspection, 75px thick cement mortar shall be poured on the modular to pave marble and ceramic tiles as a heat storage layer

second, the use of professional waterproof plug-in cable, fast installation, waterproof safety

the most vulnerable of all electrical products is the connection point. Using waterproof plug-in instead of node welding is also an important safety standard. We use professional waterproof T-type cable, which can effectively ensure the convenience of installation and the safety of use

III. safety over leakage protection

kb Jiantao graphene module works normally without leakage, and will not generate electrostatic current. It is safe without radiation, and can be used as over leakage protection switch. Other electric floor heating products cannot completely solve the problem that the floor heating does not leak electricity during work. Although slight leakage will not harm human body, it will often trip, causing the floor heating to fail to work normally. It will be very troublesome to find out the cause and repair




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