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I believe everyone has a certain understanding of children's pine furniture. Pine furniture is made of boards made of fast-growing pine by drying. After the pine trees without artificial pruning are processed into wood, the branches leave traces of natural growth, which can fully show the natural beauty of the materials when making furniture. Pine furniture, with generous shape, simple texture, natural texture, clear color, strong practicality and durability, has been designated as environmental protection furniture by the United Nations Ministry of humanities. Then, let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the brand recommendations of 2015 children's pine furniture

colorful life recommended by children's pine furniture brand in 2015

colorful life (top ten brands of youth/children's furniture, material selection has been tested by domestic authorities with deep qualifications, professional brands in the industry, Hong Kong/Shenzhen Fupai industry)

Songbao Kingdom recommended by children's pine furniture brand in 2015

Songbao kingdom is a company specializing in children's pine furniture design, production And large enterprises with integrated sales. The processing technology of Songbao kingdom is degreasing and dehydration from Finland, and then transported back to the domestic company for degreasing again, which can effectively avoid the cracking and deformation of furniture

2015 children's pine furniture brand recommendation ximengbao

ximengbao was born in Quanzhou in 1988. After 22 years of development, it has now become a furniture enterprise specializing in design, production and sales. Ximengbao's processing technology is to use the temperature of 100~180 degrees to degrease and dry the pine wood after cutting it in the origin. It has passed the German patented degreasing process, so that the moisture content is maintained at 13%. All products adopt modern disassembly and assembly technology

2015 children's pine furniture brand recommendation crown elegance

crown elegance (top ten pine furniture brands, covering China's unified decoration style and brand image, and deeply favored by many consumers, Xuzhou Jinxiu Weibang Furniture Co., Ltd.)

2015 children's Pine furniture brand recommendation fleissa

fleissa pine furniture is an international well-known brand, and the quality of fleissa products begins when they are selected from the forest, It uses digital computer program to control equipment, which can fundamentally ensure the processing density of products

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