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Recently, Vanke, a leading enterprise in the real estate industry, has been exposed to tens of thousands of fully decorated housing projects, and a large number of Anxin brand floors with seriously excessive formaldehyde and poor quality have been used; Subsequently, Shimao palace garden, a fine decoration mansion under Shimao real estate, was hit by "poison gas gate" - a wave of unfinished and rising hardbound housing accidents pushed the fine decoration to the forefront. In order to meet the needs of property buyers, there are more and more refined decoration projects. However, while hardbound houses are developing rapidly, some illegal enterprises have begun to cut corners, and the bright "Golden Jade" is indeed a real "scandal"

Xiaobian will make an inventory of how to choose and accept hardbound houses for you, so that you won't worry about buying hardbound houses any more

before delivering the keys to the house, the decoration of the hardbound room should be in place at one time, the fixed surfaces of all functional spaces should be paved or painted, and the basic equipment of the kitchen and bathroom should also be installed. As for the final acceptance standard of hardbound houses, there are no relevant regulations at present, but there is one thing that the relevant departments have clearly affirmed. If it is a hardbound house, the developer is the first responsible person for the final decoration quality. If something goes wrong, the developer is the responsible person rather than the decoration company. The cost of fine decoration and the house price are calculated together, which can be used as a mortgage

how to choose hardbound room? Inspect the strength of developers

before purchasing fine decoration real estate, we should inspect the strength of developers to understand the implementation of the last fine decoration project of developers and the opinions of owners, the qualification of the decoration project designer of this project and the construction level of the decoration team. Only those projects developed by developers with perfect management, good reputation and strength can make people feel at ease

carefully observe the model room

carefully observe the model room before buying a house is a very important step for buying a hardbound House - any fine decoration project will make several model rooms in order to better promote sales. Among them, the physical model room made in the project building is more convincing than the model room temporarily built in the sales office. Because the physical model room in the building is not easy to fake in terms of indoor area, floor height, pattern and so on, it will be less deceptive to visitors, and the effect is close to the real appearance when the house is handed over





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