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European style focuses on the integration of European lace elements from door panels and frames, giving people a sense of elegance and luxury; Chinese style is mainly refined from traditional Chinese home elements

the pursuit of style of xinmingpin wooden door is based on the overall home decoration style. At present, the mainstream style design of xinmingpin wooden door mainly includes European style, Chinese style, fashion and other styles. European style focuses on the integration of European lace elements from door panels and frames, giving people a sense of elegance and luxury; Chinese style is mainly refined from Chinese traditional home elements, highlighting Chinese traditional philosophy and culture; The fashion style aims to meet the personalized needs of young consumers and create a fashionable home space from the color and overall collocation

xinmingpin wooden door is subdivided into bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and living room series according to different functional spaces, and the corresponding style is designed on the basis of each series, which can be said to achieve the ultimate style design. Not long ago, xinmingpin's newly designed German wooden door was decorated with Italian "Fendi" high texture wooden veneer, which has extraordinary texture and rich colors. Nearly 19 colors basically cover the main popular colors in the decoration industry, and fully meet the aesthetic needs of people of different ages and styles

the influence of color on people is subtle. For example, people who like cold colors are more rational, while people who like warm colors are more emotional. The survey data of international fashion color association shows that under the condition of constant cost, appropriate and popular color design can bring 10% - 25% added value to products. Some surveys have also shown that consumers have a "seven second law" when choosing goods, that is, when facing a wide range of goods, consumers can often determine their likes and dislikes for a certain commodity within seven seconds. Among the various sensory factors, color accounts for 65%. This shows the importance of color for a wooden door. The design of xinmingpin wooden door should not be limited to its external form or color. Good designers pay more attention to the internal beauty of the wooden door. From building materials understanding, concept determination to complete product landing, in addition to the beautiful design and packaging of the appearance, we should pay more attention to the presentation of the internal structure

the internal structure of the wooden door is related to the sound insulation effect of the wooden door. What degree of sound insulation can a good wooden door achieve? Xinming Pinmu door gives the answer from the perspective of scientific testing: the sound of flowers is 10 dB, the sound of clocks is 20 dB, the quiet sound of the library is 28 dB, while the air sound insulation of Xinming Pinmu door is 38 dB, and the sound of door lock switch is 28.8 dB. As consumers have higher and higher requirements for product quality and overall home style, xinmingpin wooden door should be designed from the internal structure to achieve the ultimate in environmental protection and mute, and at the same time, it should meet the style needs of consumers from the product form and color presentation. Only when wooden door enterprises truly understand the true meaning of design, can they find the development direction in the competition of homogeneous products and realize overtaking in curves




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